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My Wishlist

This isn't nearly everything I need!  These are current coupons I'm looking for and a few other things.  I'd love to see your list or site if you have one - you never know what I can use!
  • I can use internet printed coupons and Kroger or Dillons Catalinas. 
  • My grocery stores double (up to a total of $1 off) so I prefer smaller amounts off 1 rather than larger amounts off 2 (for example:  .50/1 is worth $1/1 to me, but $1/2 is only worth .50 off each). 

Needed for this week's sales
stick butter (Kroger, Parkay, Fleishmann's, Blue Bonnet, Imperial)
My stockpile is getting really low! 
I REALLY need coupons for these products:
Wesson or Crisco oil (not olive oil)
Flour (Gold Medal, Pillsbury, Kroger, Hudson Cream)
Sugar (Crystal or Kroger) *granulated, brown or powdered
Yeast (Kroger, Fleishmann's)
canned fruit (Kroger or Del Monte)
canned beans (chili, pinto, kidney)
fresh produce
dry pasta
pepperoni (Hormel or Kroger)
pie filling
*I can especially use Farmland or John Morell on these products, but can use other brands, too
fresh meat
boneless ham (like Farmland or similar)
Also looking for coupons on these products:
Kakuana cheese/spread
President's cheese
Reser's products
Monterey fresh mushrooms
Crystal Farms products

From recent inserts: 
(higher amounts okay as long as they're off the same quantity)
Purina ONE cat food 6oz bag FREE (SS-8/15)
Libby's fruit products $1/2 (Parade magazine Sunday paper insert 8/29)
Pam  ??/1
Maruchan Yakisoba .50/1
From Kroger magazines/mailers
$ off when you spend $$ ~ can be for groceries or a specific department
prescription coupons/discounts
Kroger brand products
...or LMK what you have

Printable coupons

Forms, Points & Qualifiers:
Fast Fixin' UPCs
Nature Made Reward Codes
Nature's Bounty codes
Coke Reward Codes
Liquor rebates (good in KS)
Beer rebates (good in KS)
Any new forms - PLMK what you have

Restaurants: (good in Kansas)
Taco Bell

Burger King

Dairy Queen (no cakes) 
Olive Garden
Carlos O'Kelly's
Cici's Pizza

Wine tags (PLMK what you have) good in KS, no wine purchase necessary
Items from my Samples/Actuals wishlist
Free items (PLMK what you have)
Blockbuster free rentals (no games)
Movie money (tickets or concession)


Always looking for: 
Any 20-ounce or 2-liter pop (off 1 only please)
20-ounce or single serve drinks (juice, SoBe, tea, etc - not energy drinks)
Free 20oz pop wyb candy bars
Free (anything) wyb candy bars or
any $ off single candy bars
Baking products (flour, any kind of sugar) lmk what you have - my stores carry very limited brands
American Beauty pasta
Angel Soft (good on regular 4pk)  .50+/1
Armor, Hormel or Libby's canned meat  (must be good on vienna sausages)
Bacardi frozen mixers 
Bar S meat (not beef)
Barilla pasta (not Plus or tortellini) 
Barilla sauce  (off 1 only)
Bisquick Complete  .50+/1
Bread  (Sara Lee, Earthgrains, Wonder (white only), Home Pride, Bakers Inn, Dillons brand)
Bush's Best Beans  (not baked)
Capri Sun
Cat litter, scoopable
Cheetos  (or Kroger brand) 
Classico pasta sauce  (off 1 only)
Clif Mojo bars (off 1)
Corn Chips  (Kroger, Frito Lay)
Cottonelle bath tissue
Crisco Oil  (good on 1)  
Crystal Light powdered mix
Del Monte tomato sauce (good on any size)
Deli cheeses and/or spreads
Deli meat (good on any, no specific brands)
Diamond water softener salt
Dillons or Kroger home mailer or store coupons (lmk what you have)
Edwards Pie or Pie Slices
Egglands Best Eggs (not cage free or organic)  .50 or higher off 1
Farmland bacon or sausage  (off 1 only)
Farmland hot dogs
Fast Fixin' products
Fresh Express bagged salad (good on 1 of any kind or spinach)
Friskies or 9 Lives dry cat food
Gold Peak Tea single bottles
Ham, boneless  4-5lb  (Farmland, Rodeo, John Morell, Corn King)
Hi-C juice boxes
Hot Pockets off 1
Hungry Jack potatoes  .50/1 
Hunts Tomatoes good on any size
Hunts ketchup or bbq sauce  .50 or higher off 1
Hunts Spaghetti Sauce
Hunts Snack Pack Pudding  off 1
Hy-Vee brand items (lmk what you have)
Jennie-O boneless turkey ham
Kool-Aid Jammers
Kraft Handi-Snack Pudding 
Kraft shredded or chunk cheese 
Kroger brand (lmk what you have)
Kroger cheese
Kroger or Dillons catalinas (lmk what you have)
Land O Lakes Grip & Go drinks
Little Debbies   any amount or wyb
Lipton/Knorr Sides  .40+ off 1
Lipton Tea single bottles
Malt-O-Meal dry cereal  (good on 10oz box)  .50+/1
Martha Gooch pasta
McCormick taco seasoning or gravy mix
Minute Rice
Mission tortillas or chips
Nature Valley granola bars (off 1)
Nestea instant 
Nestle ready-to-drink single-serve milk  (off 1 only)
9 Lives canned or dry cat food
Odor Eaters insoles
Old El Paso seasoning mix, beans or shells
On-Cor frozen products
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn off 1 2-3ct box 
Ortega taco seasoning, beans or chiles
Pam spray (not grilling spray)
Pasta Roni   off 1
Pepcid  $2 or higher, good on 25 count or smaller
Pepperidge Farm frozen bread  (off 1 only)
Pepperidge Farm phyllo or puff pastry
Pepsi products  (any including Mountain Dew and diet)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese bricks
Pilgrim's Pride fresh chicken
Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles  off 1 
Powerbar energy bars  off 1
Pria energy bars .50 or higher off 1
Private Selection onion rings
Private Selection frozen ravioli
Produce   (no brands)
Propel single bottle
Powerade single bottles
Quaker Granola Bars  off 1
Ragu  (off 1 only - not organic)
Red Baron Pizza  .50+/1 
Rice-a-Roni   off 1
Sargento Shredded Cheese
Smart Chicken fresh chicken
Snapple single bottles
SoBe single bottles (not No Fear)
Spinach, fresh or canned
Sterling Silver beef
Suave Hair Care  .50+/1  (no Professional)
Suave Deodorant  .50+/1
Sunbelt Granola Bars
Sunny D
Swanson broth (off 1 or 2 cans - no cartons)
Taco Bell products
Tony's Pizza  .50+/1  (not singles)
Tortilla Chips  (Kroger, Tostitos, Doritos, Mama Lupes, Mission)
Tropicana single bottles
Turkey Hill tea
Tyson frozen (boxed only - no bags)
Tyson fresh chicken
Weber seasoning/marinade (good on packets)
Wesson Vegetable Oil  .30+/1
Whiskas dry Cat Food  $2+  (no pouches)
Winetags  (especially on meat, bread or produce)
Cigarette packs (prefer b1g1 or $2+/1) any full flavor, non-menthol brand
Cigarette cartons: Marlboro, Basic, Camel, Pall Mall, L&M *IDSO - only Pall Mall right now - other brands are too high*